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Flat Stanley Project

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  Flat Stanley Update:


March 21, 2013.

Stanley also made an awesome tour of Toronto with Keshan's aunt from Ajax!  He visited the CN Tower, the MTCC, the ACC and many other great places in Toronto!  


March 21, 2013.

Today Stanley returned from Brantford after visiting with some of Evan's friends.  Stanley came dressed in his Wayne Gretzky "99" hockey jersey.  He visited the Wayne Gretzky arena in Brantford and told us all about Wayne's success in the NHL.  He's also holding a phone because he visited the homestead of Alexander Graham Bell who invented the telephone, and who lived in Brantford! 

March 20, 2013

Flat Stanley visited Mrs. Sahlin's grade 3 class in Blackfalds, Alberta, just north of Calgary and Red Deer.  Her class has their own blog just like us, and each student in the class wrote a letter to us!  We handed out the letters and read them.  Our job this week will be to answer the letters and share information about our community, Waterloo.  Students are invited to do research at home, or bring in any pictures or information to include in their letters back to Alberta!

March 20, 2013

Isabella's friends in Bracebridge returned Flat Stanley to us today with lots of great information about the beautiful Muskokas.  Stanley is wearing a MOntreal Canadiens sweater because Daniel (one of the hosts) really likes that hockey team!

Our Stanley         Their Stanley

March 20, 2013.


Today Flat Stanley returned from our newest grade 3 friends in Yardley, Pennsylvania.  Mrs. Schmidt's class sent us a picture earlier this year when Stanley visited Hershey's Chocolate World with Mrs. Schmidt.  Stanley returned to us with photos of the class and information about their community outside of Philadelphia.  They sent us their Flat Stanley so that we can return the favour and send them information about the country of Canada.  We will have to get some research teams together next week to get going on that!

March 18, 2013

Meet the Stanleys from Addis, Ethopia.  Mrs. McVannel's cousin and his wife are stationed at the Canadian Embassy in Ethopia.  They are situated high in the mountains of Ethiopia.  The first Stanley is dressed in their fancy celebration clothes that the men would wear.  The second Stanley is wearing the colourful everyday clothing.  There were lots of pictures of workers, women in traditional garb, and we learned that children had to carry water everyday.

March 18, 2013


Meet North Carolina Stanley!  Adam's family sent him all decked out with lots of information about the schools, university, sports teams and tourist attractions in beautiful North Carolina.  Did you know that it's only a two hour drive to the mountains, and a two hour drive to the beaches wherever you are in North Carolina!

March 8, 2013.

Max's Aunt Odette has been travelling the Orient and sent us photos of a Canadian Flat Stanley in Singapore, the China Sea and even Bangkok!

March 8, 2013.


Meet New Jersey Stanley who arrived from friends of Satya in our class.  He shared information and photos about life in New Jersey!

March 8, 2013.


Meet the Stanleys from Linkoping, Netherlands.  More historical information about the area arrived.

March 8, 2013


Meet Vancouver Stanley...he arrived before our March Break wearing his Vancouver Canucks shirt.  He came to us from a school in British Columbia who shared lots of information about the area and about their school life!

March 8, 2013


Meet Netherlands Stanley! He arrived from the Netherlands from Esmee's family and friends.  He sent along photos of historical buildings.


March 1, 2013.


Today Stanley returned from Newfoundland from a visit with friends of Sydney.  He sent along Ginger Snap cookies, cinnamon hearts, and butterscotch kisses for us to try at a later date!  He even brought back a flag of Newfoundland, signed to Sydney by the mayor of Norman's Cove-Long Cove, Newfoundland.  We will have to find a place to hang it up in our classroom! 

February 28, 2013.

Flat Stanley returned from The Netherlands after visiting some of Esmee's relatives.  He was totally dressed up for Carnaval there.  Sounds like they have a really fun time there during their Carnaval time...parades, colourful costumes, music and food!  He even has a copy of the song from the town that he visited!

February 28, 2013

Stanley arrived back from Scotland clad in his Scottish kilt.  He visited the Duncan's in Cupar and Fife, Scotland.  He brought back some Scottish Rock Candy for us also.  We will be trying that out at a later date!

February 22, 2013.

Emma's Nanny sent Stanley back from Acton after a wonderful visit with her family.  We learned about the leather businesses in Acton.  Stanley was busy with Papa playing with his remote control race car, hanging with a new puppy, and visiting Emma's great Nanny and great Papa.  Stanley was riding around on Great Papa's wheelchair!

February 27, 2013.

Jack's grandparents are "snow birds" which means they are Canadians who love to "flock" to Florida to live in the winter.  Stanley got to visit Zephyrhills which is a community close to Tampa.  He went swimming, played tennis and mini golf, got to pick tangerines and grapefruits right off the tree, and even hunted for geckos.  Jack's grandparents kept him busy and sent us lots of pictures of his adventures!

February 27, 2013.

Flat Stanley has arrived back from Timmins.  We originally posted a picture of him with Daina, Max's sister when he arrived in Timmins.  He returned to us with lots of interesting information about the mines in Timmins.  WE were amazed at the size of the vehicles that drove around underground in the mines.  

February 22, 2013.

Stanley visited Lucan, and Irish town in Ontario with Jack's grandma.  She featured some of the Irish highlights of the town including the pub, a deli and took a picture of the water tower too.  Stanley also got to travel to London to watch Jack play hockey!

February 22, 2013.

Flat Stanley visited a friend of Mrs. McVannel.  Her name is Mrs. Brum and she was a principal with the Waterloo District School Board.  She also lets one of the Kitchener Rangers board at her house during the hockey season.  Flat Stanley got decked out in his Ranger gear and paid a visit to the Rangers rink with Ben Fenelli who lives with Mrs. Brum.

February 22, 2013.

Stanley just arrived back from a visit from Gurneet's cousin Sukhman in Brampton, Ontario.  He shared some of the highlights of Brampton with us.

February 22, 2013.  Stanley just arrived back from visiting Emma's grandma and grand dad in Waterloo.  They shared a lot of their history and background coming from England.  



February 15, 2013

Stanley just arrived back from Prestatyn, Wales.  He came decked out in the country's colours complete with a flag pin on his sweater.  He visited a school there and we got to see that kids in Wales are just like us except they wear a uniform to school.  Students there speak Welsh first, then they start to learn to speak English in third year.  Stanley brought back lots of pictures of the beautiful beaches, the historical buildings and beautiful scenery.  Thanks to Shawn's Aunt Brenda and Uncle Frank.

February 15, 2013.

Our latest Stanely arrived from Whistler, B.C.  Adam's friend Amanda took him snowboarding in Whistler and showed him around the Olympic Plaza.  Stanley brought back pamphlets about all the outdoor activities that you can do when you are visiting there.  He posed in front of Rainbow Mountain.


February 13, 2013.

Cannon's Grandpa and Grandma live on the Bruce Penninsula in Purple Valley, Ontario.  Flat Stanley just returned from his trip to the north and attended the Wiarton Willie Groundhog Festival.  He has pictures to prove that he met Wiarton Willie himself!  Stanley stayed with Cannon's grandparents and even got a feather in his cap from their beautiful chickens. 

February 13, 2013.  

Emma's cousin, Sloane, hosted Flat Stanley at her house in Waterloo.  She and her family will be taking a trip to Australia and hoped to take Stanley along!  We look forward to hearing about their trip!

February 13, 2013.

The Many Faces of Flat Stanley

Stanley arrived back from Toronto after visiting with Adam's Great Aunt Joey.  He experienced yoga and attended the National Bridal Show fully clad in a black tuxedo.  Highlights were posing with various members of the Bridal Show, plus showing off his new talent of standing on his head at the yoga class!  Way to go Stanley!


February 10, 2013.

Vancouver Island Stanley arrived today in his t-shirt decorated with First Nations art!  Evan's grandma shared lots of information about the Native totem poles and other amazing tourist attractions on the island.  She sent pictures of her and Stanley enjoying the "pre Spring" weather (as she called it).  It was rainy and the snow drops were blooming...sign of spring to come!

February 10, 2013

Cambridge Stanley arrived today too from Jaeden's grandma in Cambridge, Ontario.  Looks like he was ready for the snow day that we had on Friday!!  She shared information and photos about the textile industry in Cambridge, plus the beautiful old architecture in Cambridge.  She shared lots of tourist attractions in the city and sent along pamphlets too! 

February 10, 2013.

Florida Stanley!  Today we met Stanley after his trip to Florida to visit Cannon's grandma in Newport, Florida, U.S.A.  He returned to us with pictures of citrus trees and information about Disney.  Stanley came already clad in his shorts, tshirt, sandals and sunglasses.  I'm thinking he enjoyed the sun!


February 10, 2013.

Stanley is visiting Chocolate World in Pennsylvania with Mrs. McVannel's twitter contact Mrs. Schmidt.  He went to a conference with her and met Hershey Kiss and Hershey Peanut Butter Cup too!

Very swwwwweeeet!  Mrs. Schmidt said there is more to come via twitter!

February 5, 2013.

London calling!  Today Stanley arrived from London, England flying the Union Jack!  Thanks to the Findlays, family of Jaeden in our class.  They took Stanley to the "underground", and to the Victoria and Albert Museum.  They shared information about the city of London with us and what it was like to go to school in London.

February 4, 2013.

Stanley arrive clad in cowboy hat and boots, with a pair of skiis from Calgary, Alberta.  Jack's friends, The Brett Family, took Stanley skiing to Nakiska in the Rocky Mountains.  They sent us information about the dangers of avalanches, and information about the city of Calgary.  

February, 1, 2013.  

Stanley arrived via Langley, B.C from a trip to Beijing, China.  He arrived fully clad in beautiful traditional Chinese dress.  He shared lots of information about the life and culture in Beijing, and sent pictures of Chinese Lanterns, The Great Wall of China, and Buddha.  

*room 17 kids can login to Kidblog and read all about it on Max's blog.


January 30, 2013.

Stanley arrived in Stratford for a visit with Cannon's Oma.  He visited the Shakespearean Festival Theatre, and posed on the stairs where Justin Bieber used to play his guitar before he was famous.  Thanks to Oma for hosting Stanley in Stratford.


January 31, 2013.

Today we heard that Flat Stanley arrived in Timmins, Ontario to visit with Daina (Max's sister).  We noticed there is lots of snow there and Stanley is wearing his warmest clothes!  We look forward to finding out what adventures Daina and family have in store for Flat Stanley.  Thanks for hosting him!



January 29, 2013.

Today we shared our first Flat Stanley adventure.  Flat Stanley was seen at the roller rink

with our own Max and his family.  He was quite good rolling around that roller rink, and Max

was pretty good too, we noticed!


Looking forward to more adventures with Stanley! 



Flat Stanley is ready to travel...

Room 17 has packaged 49 envelopes for Flat Stanley to start his adventures.  Destinations across Canada to British Columbia, Alberta, as well as east to Newfoundland.  He's destined for states in the US including Wisconsin, New Jersey, Florida and Pennsylannia to name a few.  He's also eagerly awaiting trips to Scotland, Japan, England, Wales, Pakistan, Australia and India and Israel.  This should be quite the adventure for Flat Stanley. Thanks again to parents who sent in stamps.  It costs $.64 to send Stanley across Canada, $1.10 to the U.S. and $1.85 to an international destination.


Stay tuned to find out about the adventures of Flat Stanley!  Follow him here on the site or on twitter #FlatStanleyProject


Flat Stanley sites     

Learn about Flat Stanley at:



Flat Stanley Books



Flat Stanley Projects from others







Flat Stanley at Millen Woods.

Flat Stanley Project

Welcome to the Flat Stanley Project with Room 17.

We have read the book called Flat Stanley and learned

about his adventures being mailed to visit his friend.

We are hoping to send out 60 or our own

Flat Stanley's to friends and relatives all over Canada

and the world in hopes that he can visit with them,

and return to us with tons of information about his

travels in Canada and around the World!





Hi!  I'm Flat Stanley.  This is my

school in Waterloo, Ontario Canada

where I am visiting with Mrs. McVannel's

grade 2/3 class.


This is the classroom door to 

Room 17 where the grade 2 and 3's



This is Ms. McCutcheon. 

She is the principal here at

Millen Woods School.  We

are getting ready to do the

morning announcements.


We are in the French class

now.  Kids here in Waterloo

learn French every day

for at least 30 minutes.

Stay tuned for more adventures to





Parents:  Letters will be sent home on Thursday, January 17th, 2013 to explain this project.  Students are asked to bring three addresses of friends or relatives who live somewhere in Canada in another country.  We will then send Flat Stanley to visit them in hopes that they will return Stanley with photos and information about their community.  Labels will be due back on MONDAY, JANUARY 21, 2013.  We realize that this is a short timeline but we really want to get Stanley moving so we can find out about other communities.  We are gratefully accepting any stamp donations to help mail out the Flat Stanleys!  Please send in any donations as soon as possible.

***click on the icon in the bottom right hand corner to view each document.

Flat Stanley Letter


Directions for Flat Stanley


Address Labels

Flat Stanley



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