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Hands Art:  The students studied folk art by looking at samples of folkart and noticing the symbols and the colours used.  After reading a poem about Hands and the work that our hands do every day, we combined the idea of folk art with our own hands.  Below are samples of the beautiful work our students in room 17 completed.




Photo Activity:


Look at the photographs and answer the questions with a partner.  Be ready to share your ideas with the whole group.


What is the MOST IMPORTANT part of this photograph?  Why is this the MOST IMPORTANT part?

What idea does the MOST IMPORTANT part of this photograph communicate?

What objects, images, symbols, etc. communicates this IDEA to the viewer?



Photo 1


Photo 2


Photo 3


Photo 4


Photo 5



Photo 7





Emily Carr was a Group of Seven artist who was ahead of her time.  She spent her time painting scenes of the outdoors, especially trees.  The students in grade 2/3 did a brief study of her life, then ventured outside to appreciate the trees of Millen Woods forest.  Using her techniques of sketching, and watercolours created their own works of  "Emily Carr art".

Selina and the Bear Paw Quilt 


We read the story about a Mennonite family who left their home to travel to Waterloo County.  Selena's grandmother sends a Bear Paw Quilt with Selena to remember her.  We each created our own Bear Paw Quilt square and put them together.




Emily Carr Art       




Seed Art      


FrottageFro   Leaf Rubbing  



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