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Words of the Week

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***We are now done all of the word wall words for this year both in grade 2 and in grade 3.  The words are all posted on the wall in our classroom in full view so that students are expected to use them correctly in their writing tasks.  Please feel free to review the words at any time.  We will continue to practise our words in class through games and use of Spelling City!


Parents:  Here is the page you will want to check every week.  Students will begin working with a new series of words each week.  We will introduce the words on the first day of the week, print them in our planner and use these words daily in practise. On Friday there will be a short activity to prove that your child has learned to spell and recognize these words.  Students are invited to learn both sets if they choose, but are responsible for the words in their grade.  (i.e. grade 2's are welcome to study the grade 3 words and vice versa!)


P.S. Check out the activities offered on Spelling City to help your child practise and "play games" with the words of the week. Just click on the words Spelling City!


September 10


Grade 2              Grade 3

about                 anyone

thing                  confusion

make                 journal

favourite            favourite

best                   vacation

September 17


Grade 2           Grade 3

I                      I'm

have                have

was                 was

went               went

to                   to

September 24 


Grade 2       Grade 3

who             who

what            what

where          where

when           when

why             why




October 1 


Grade 2             Grade 3

again                 again

first                   first

before               before

then                  then

after                  after

 October 9 


Grade 2           Grade 3

said                 said

snap                winner

crash               exciting

truck               except


October 15 


Grade 2        Grade 3

with              with

made            impossible

ride              unhappiness

joke              independent

because        because


October 22


Grade 2              Grade 3

stop                   another

float                   especially

rain                    want

tell                     won


November 5


Grade 2           Grade 3

there (here)     there (here)

are                  are

line                 almost

wanted           wanted 

November 12


Grade 2        Grade 3

thank            getting

saw               hidden

trip               enough

drink             discover



November 19


Grade 2               Grade 3

their                    their

our                      our

one (#1)              one (#1)

those                  governor

house                 general 

November 26


Grade 2           Grade 3

phone             thought

clock               countries

shook             community

city                 city

school            schools

December 3


Grade 2        Grade 3

skate            write

write            laughed

jump            right 

crashes         trouble

kicked           terrible


December 10


Grade 2               Grade 3

every                   sometimes

sometimes          something

outside                into

into                     buy

than                    by

December 17


Grade 2           Grade 3

slow               could

found              wouldn't

how                always

could              hole

car                  whole

January 7


Grade 2       Grade 3

very            very

too              too

many           two

children       weather

two              whether


January 14


Grade 2              Grade 3

sale                     your

use                     you're

junk                    new

new                    through

beautiful             beautiful

January 21


Grade 2           Grade 3

or                    myself

brothers          everybody

sister              everything

other              also

hurt                about

January 28


Grade 2       Grade 3

knew           off

won             knew

off               right

right            recycle


February 4


Grade 2              Grade 3


people                people

little                    probably

small                   lovable


February 11


Grade 2          Grade 3 


green             pretty

black             prettier

pretty            prettiest

really             really

more              usually

February 19


Grade 2       Grade 3 


will              won't

not              don't

won't           let's

don't           we're

were           were


February 25, 2013.


Grade 2              Grade 3


they're                they're 

gym                    know

it's                      its

that's                  it's

caught                no

they                    they


March 4, 2013


Grade 2         Grade 3


can't              can't

didn't            didn't

quit               until 

writing          doesn't

walk              that's

We are DONE learning our words.

Now we will review, review and review

some more!  Students are expected to

use the correct spelling in their daily

writing task! 




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