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Extra Practise Worksheets

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Welcome to the Extra Practise Worksheets page...a place where you can upload and print off extra practise for your child in math.  View the worksheet by clicking the icon in the bottom right hand corner.  Please be patient while practise sheets load, and just click on the small arrow to download the sheets for printing!  Remember to have your child bring in the worksheets when they have completed them!  Have fun!

Multiplication and Division    

Multiplication Array

Multiplication as arrays

Multiply and Division mix

Multiplication as pictures

Multiplication Table

Dividing Candy



Number Sense and Numeration (addition and subtraction)

Grade 2 practise

Going to 1000 (great game to practise "counting up" to 1000!


Doggie subtraction - 2 digit

Two digit subtraction - no regrouping

Addition - no regrouping

 Addition with regrouping


Grade 3 practise

3 digit addition without regrouping

3 digit addition with regrouping

3 digit addition with regrouping

3 digit subtraction

3 digit subtraction with zeros







Clean up the money game instructions


Clean up the Money Game Board








Picture patterns

Picture patterns...more challenging

 Easy Number Patterns

 Numberline patterns

 Numberline patterns...more challenging

 Repeating patterns

Repeating Patterns...more challenging

 Repeating Patterns...harder!








Find the Angles

Mystery Polygons

Find the Angles 2






Thermometer Practise    

Reading a Thermometer

Reading a Thermometer

 Showing the temperature on a thermometer

Telling Time Practise    

Nearest quarter hour

Nearest 5 minute intervals

Nearest 5 minute intervals

Reading a Calendar (gr.2)

Reading a Calendar (gr.3)

Using a Calendar

Days and Months Review







Data Management  *click on bottom right hand corner of the icon to view the worksheet.


Bar Graph Ticket Sales

Favourite Drinks Bar Graph

Favourite Colours Bar Graph

 Popcorn Pictograph

 Cupcake Pictograph

 Using a Pictograph



Number Sense and Numeration


Grade two practise   


Domino Addition Math Match Game


Two colour counter addition


Addition with Numberline

 Subtraction with pictures

 Subtraction Matching Game  Subtraction with Numberline


Grade three practise

Number Sense Practise

Two digit addition without regrouping

Two digit addition with regrouping

Two digit subtraction without regrouping

 Two digit subtraction with regrouping

 Two digit subtraction "arrows"



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